About me

My name is Anastasia Fotieva. I am a graduate psychologist-consultant, linguist-teacher, author and presenter of psychological and esoteric transformation games.

In basic education I am a linguist, teacher of English (MSLU (former M.Toresa MGPIYA), 2008). I worked only a year on my specialty. Then I left for almost 10 years in tourism. It was a wonderful experience, which gave me a lot of friends and friends around the world. But we had to move on.

Psychology, as a science, attracted me always. In 2015, I got into the first transformation game and discovered a new interesting world. And I realized that this is what I would like to do next. But do not just become a leader, but create your own games, help people to know themselves through their own unique tool. So in May 2016, my first game, The Path of the Alchemist, was born. During the development of the game, a professional retraining in the profession of a psychologist-consultant on symboldrama (IPT & K, 2016) was held. In November of the same year, I took the course of RPT 1-2. I plan to further improve my qualifications and improve in my new specialty.

At the moment I have five author’s games: “Path of Alchemist”, “Symbolia”, “Scenario”, “Point of view”, “Fifth Element”. And I’m not going to stop!

Why did I choose the game therapy? Because it’s amazing, it works magically! It is allowed to get results! It helps to be realized! Changes!