Review of the video game Death Track: Resurrection

video game Death Track: ResurrectionIn the distant past, when the trees were taller, and computers more resembled improved typewriters than powerful multimedia stations, a remarkable game called Deathtrack was released. Races for survival. This very “survival” was not just a word, as each fireball was attached a rocket launcher, every second ready to fry you, like a turkey for Christmas. The leader could easily be in the number of outsiders, and the outcome of the race could solve only a few successfully launched shells. In fact, Deathtrack was one of the pioneers of the genre of combat racing. It was in the 1989th year.

Year of the 2008th. Trees somehow immediately became lower, and typewriters can be found only as a museum exhibit and then with difficulty. Among other things, in the same year there is a “continuer of tradition” of the aforementioned Deathtrack, and not anywhere, but in Russia. SkyFallen Entertainment? Wait a second, “The Magic of Blood”? RPG? And now combat racing? Skeptics barely restrain their smiles, but we say with confidence: the game was a success.

The action of Death Track: The revival takes place in the near, but very unsuccessfully developed future. Most of the cities were destroyed by the war, in short, a complete mess and post-apocalypse to the very hilt. But the organizers of the bloody show called Death Track are only at hand: where can I find the best arena for racing than in almost completely destroyed Bangkok or pretty shabby London? True, in recent times Death Track is starting to lose its popularity: the best racers leave the show, and the audience … the spectators are also leaving. To add pepper to the competition, the bosses begin to kill one rider after each stage – and, miraculously, – Death Track again enjoys a frenzied success with the audience, and the most famous TV channels fight for the right to broadcast …

Miniclip video game Death Track: Resurrection

The plot is roughly the same, although it is here more for a tick. Developers provide a choice of three types of contests: modern – standard mode with shooting and bonuses, after the death of the machine recover after a while; classics – similarly, only the exploded drop out of the race; Finally, the rally is a peace-loving regime, where there is no place for weapons, and the result depends solely on the drivers’ abilities of the participants. In the course of a career the car is allowed to improve with new details and, of course, more powerful guns. Weapons, incidentally, are also three varieties: machine guns / lasers / plasma, rocket launchers / homing missiles and mines / spikes.

But the main pride of the game is its tracks. Ten magnificent levels – from the burning Paris, to lifeless New York. To some, an abundance of small details may seem distracting and unnecessary; personally I liked it. In addition, on each track there are several “control buildings” – mostly local attractions – and if you destroy them, you can get a nice bonus like invulnerability or acceleration. Bonuses can be picked up and directly on the road, and, the more bonuses in a row “eat”, the stronger the effect.

The gameplay is dynamic, fast, as they say, the most that is necessary for combat racing. Under the hour, everything happening on the screen is so fast that you do not have time to look even at the map. Zazevalsya – and you’re the last. Somewhere wrong – and you’re the last. In the end, you were beaten – and you are the last. On the other hand, there is always the opportunity to catch up with the enemies and take revenge on them with a couple of missiles after them or with a burst from the machine gun – the enemies are not so clever enough to sever themselves from the player, but they are not so stupid as to fall behind them. Almost every successful action in the game is a destroyed rival, a beautiful pirouette in the air (for which the developers helpfully arranged on the trampoline), a spectacular overtaking, a clean ride – all this is estimated points, which are then converted into crisp green dollars. Provided that you took the prize. Worry about the complexity of management, too, is not necessary – all the aiming computer takes over, you just have to steer and time to press the button shooting.

Excellent music, created by the guys from TriHorn Productions – to match the game process: clockwork, fast, uncompromising. In general, the soundtrack wants to listen and apart from the game – it’s too painful. Graphic performance is also on the level – the engine The Engine, which has proved itself in the “Magic of Blood” is coping with its task with a bang. The picture pleases the eye, and post-apocalyptic landscapes of dead cities look just great.

Twenty years later.

Online video gameSomeone will say that gameplay is too arcade, someone will find it too dynamic, but, one way or another, Death Track: Renaissance is worth the money spent. The biggest drawback is the lack of multiplayer, but let’s hope that the developers will add the possibility of playing on the network in the nearest add-ons.

Pros: Hurricane gameplay; frantic speed; excellent level design; high-quality graphics; a good soundtrack
Cons: lack of multiplayer; excessive arcade